ATV Batteries

ATV Batteries Kannapolis

We sell ATV batteries at discounted prices. If you need a unique replacement battery for your jet ski or off-road vehicle, call us for a price. We keep the top brands of batteries in stock, special order batteries arrive in 3-5 business days.

Wet or Flooded Batteries

Wet, or flooded, means the battery plates will be surrounded with water and acid, wet batteries are not maintenance free, they have filler caps that enable you to add fluids as needed. In the event the water dries up, the plates can may deteriorate, and shortening the lifespan of your battery. Conventional batteries are prone to spilling, they are not ideal for power sports or off-road applications. Wet batteries are the most affordable ATV battery.

AGM BatteriesATV Batteries Kannapolis

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries have fiberglass pads, wedged between the positive and negative plates inside the battery. The pads absorb all the electrolyte acid inside the battery. Sealing the batteries during production eliminates possible leakage, this process ensures a maintenance-free, and more durable battery.

Today’s ATV’s have advanced far beyond the traditional dirt bike and jet ski. Now they are high performance off-road driving machines, built exclusively for harsh conditions. Motorsports is at a new level, power them with high quality batteries.


ATV Batteries Kannapolis

  • Deka
  • Yuasa
  • Odyssey

In Stock

  • 200 on average


  • 90 days on Lead Acid Filled
  • 6 months on AGM


Q: What is the better battery?

A: Odyssey, but it’s more expensive.