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Golf Cart Batteries Salisbury
The requirements of golf cart batteries are very different than a car battery, incorrect replacement batteries could damage a golf cart.
Most golf carts run on a 36-volt or 48-volt standard, which requires a series of batteries connected in unison. The size of a golf carts battery compartment is important; replacement cart batteries must fit properly into the compartment.

The golf carts owner’s manual will recommend the right voltage and battery dimensions for the cart, we can help with that if needed. When it comes to capacity, you will need to calculate the ideal amperage for a parallel connection between the right combination of batteries. A parallel connection will increase the amperage, not the voltage.

Battery Combination

Golf Cart Batteries SalisburyKnow the right combination for your golf cart. If your cart operates on a 48-volt system, consisting of 6V, 8V and 12V batteries, you can’t install a set of four 12V batteries, the electronics of the cart will likely malfunction.

Battery Age

Battery manufacturers add a date code to all products during production at the factory. If a battery has the code L18, L is the 12th letter of the alphabet and 18 is the year, December 2018. Try to buy batteries less than a year old, for optimal performance and battery life.
When buying a used golf cart, inspect the age of the batteries. Much like the tires on a used car, the batteries will need replacing sooner or later.


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Q: Why does one battery have more reserve than others?

A: It will run the cart longer.