Battery Backup Batteries


We stock an assortment of battery backup batteries, stop by our showroom for a quick replacement at the best price. Bring your old battery in for recycling.

Battery Backup Batteries Mooresville

Battery backups or UPS, uninterrupted power source, protect our computers and data from surges, blackouts, brownouts and power spikes. Keeping the UPS operable is the SLA battery, which has a lifespan of 3-5 years.

Replacing the battery is easy, there are 2 simple methods:

  • Bring the UPS to our showroom and we’ll replace it for you.
  • Bring the old battery in and we’ll sell you a new one. Here’s how:
    • Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the back of the UPS
    • Unplug the positive and negative cables from the battery.

When to Replace

The UPS has notifications indicators on when to replace the battery. Most units will have an audible notification, beeping noise, to indicate the battery is below specifications to protect the unit. A visual light typically blinks when the battery needs replacement. Many units will have both audible and visual indicators.

Battery Backup Batteries Mooresville


Battery backup batteries should NEVER be placed in the garbage. All garbage eventually resides in a landfill; the destruction of the battery puts harmful chemicals into the earth. Bring the backup battery (and any battery) to our showroom for regulated recycling.


  • Power Sonic

In Stock

  • 250 on average


Battery Backup Batteries Mooresville

  • 6 months


Q: Can I replace UPS batteries with any brand of battery?

A: Yes, the battery, or batteries, need to be the same dimensions and voltage.