SLA Batteries


SLA Batteries KannapolisUtilize Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries (SLA Batteries) as a power sources in a wide variety of applications. The range in size is great, enabling them to power electronics on a mobile device to a large ATV. SLA batteries are maintenance free, will not spill, and are accepted on passenger airplanes.


  • Motorcycles: being smaller and lighter, a sealed battery fits well on bikes.
  • ATVs: the ability to absorb the vibrations and impact and not spill, is paramount.
  • Solar Power: used as a storage bank in off grid wind and solar installations.
  • Remote Stations: monitoring stations in extreme conditions of the arctic use sealed batteries, and they do not crack.
  • Battery Backups: the battery used as the backup power source is an SLA.
  • Submarines: SLA batteries provide the power, along with meeting safety regulations.
  • Computers: laptops, pads, tables and smart phones utilize the benefits of sealed batteries.

SLA Batteries Kannapolis
We have an extremely large stock of the most commonly requested sealed batteries. There are too many size varied options for us to stock all models. We can special order any battery and have it for you in 3-5 business days.


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Q: Can I replace the manufacturers battery with another brand?
A: Yes, only the dimension and voltage of the battery matter.