Blemished Car Batteries


Battery manufacturers build batteries by the hundreds every day, occasionally a set, or “run”, will be scratched or  blemished car batteries. Unable to sell the batteries are “New”, they are sold to retailers, like Just Batteries, and are sold as “Blems” or “Blemished” batteries.

Blem batteries are fully functional, just as their top-quality counterparts, and will do as advertised. The manufacturers sell their blems at a discounted rate, and we pass the savings along to our customers.
A blemished car battery has never been used. Once a battery has been installed and the car has been driven, the battery immediately becomes classified as a “used battery”.

Our inventory of blemished car batteries is dynamic; we can’t predict how many blems we will have in stock. Because blems are a very cheap car battery, they sell quickly. If you call our showroom, and we have a blemished battery for your car, we will “hold it” for you up to 2 days.
The brands of blems we sell vary from top name brands to lesser-known ones. The quality of the blem is representative of the manufacturer’s brand and is priced as such.


Blemished Car Batteries Statesville

  • Deka
  • Exide

In Stock

  • 300 on average


  • 6 months


Q: Why is it a blemished battery?
A: Scratch and dents are the most common reason for blems.