RV Batteries

An ordinary car battery isn’t designed to handle the deep-discharge accessory power that RVs demand. Reliable RV travel depends on batteries from Just Batteries, we offer a great power solution for your home away from home. RV Batteries MooresvilleRecreational vehicles, need 2 sets of batteries. The house batteries power all things electrical, the starting battery will crank the engine. We carry both sets of RV batteries, if you are unsure what size, type or brand of RV batteries your vehicle needs, call us for help. We will name the correct batteries and give options in quality and cost. House batteries joined, or banked, into a unit, deep cycle batteries work best, because they provide more power for longer periods of time. Deep cycle batteries recharge faster and more complete than starter batteries. Starting batteries are larger in size, and have a higher Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) rating, which are similar to vehicle batteries. The CCA’s supply a quick energy burst with an aim of getting the engine going or starting it.

RV Battery Storage

During the winter months, most recreational vehicles are stored, the natural discharge of the batteries is natural, unless properly maintained.

RV Batteries Mooresville

  1.  Disconnect the house batteries, take the batteries indoors if possible
  2.  Charge the batteries once a month
  3.  Do NOT leave a converter connected to your batteries, this will boil the batteries dry.


  • AC Delco
  • Deka
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RV Batteries Mooresville


Q: What batteries does my camper require? A: That depends on the amperage required, the average recreational vehicle uses 2 house batteries and 1 starting battery.