Car Batteries

Cars have evolved immensely since Mr. Ford’s Model T in 1908, and car batteries have progressed along with them as well. Having the right battery in your automobile, albeit a 2015 sedan, a street rod, or an 80’s model, is very important and we’re here to ensure you get it right the first time. Car Batteries Statesville   Newer model cars, with internet, satellite and GPS technology require a more powerful battery. Most customers haven’t a clue into the correct battery for their automobile, but we do, and we have it in stock. Our promise is to help you get the best car battery, at a great price, in a stress-free environment.

Our Simple Process:

Car Batteries Statesville

  • Test your current battery to confirm it needs replacing
  • Identify the proper battery for your car
  • Provide you with options in both price and quality
  • Thank you for your business

Our average customer spends approximately 20 minutes or less, getting a new car battery.

Cheap Car Batteries

When price is the ultimate purchasing determiner, check out our Used Batteries and Blemished Batteries for a better battery, at a great price. We have inspected every battery we sell, confirming it will take and hold a charge. Inventory of our cheap batteries is constantly changing, we will check our supply to ensure we have a used or blemished battery that will meet your need. Feel free to call us for pricing on any battery we sell. Car Batteries Statesville

Car Battery Recycling

We believe in recycling your old battery, it will not reside in a landfill. If you have old battery cores to be recycled, we will pay top price for lead core batteries. We offer pickup services for large amounts of battery cores. Please call our office to discuss the process, get a quote and arrange for pickup.


  • AC DelcoCar Batteries Statesville
  • Motorcraft
  • Deka
  • Optima
  • Odyssey

In Stock

  • 4,000 on average


  • 1 and 2 year
  • 30 and 42-month DelcoCar Batteries Statesville
  • 36-month Motorcraft


Q: What is the better battery for my car? A: A cheaper battery provides more than average service.