Used Car Batteries


Used Car Batteries ConcordWe sell lots of used car batteries every day, call or stop by our showroom to find a quality used battery for your car or truck.

Used battery processing is not unique, nor complicated, we simply follow these steps:

  • We take the used batteries, received on trade-in, and put them through a series of tests, to confirm that the battery will continue to hold and accept a charge.
  • All batteries that pass our test, will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned to remove any possible residue.
  • Each used battery will be priced by its age, life expectancy, and quality of the battery. Used battery prices are not negotiable. We do not barter used batteries.

If you need a cheap car battery, consider one of our used batteries.
We promise it will perform as advertised, or your money back.

Used Car Batteries Concord

Used Battery Warranty

We stand behind every battery we sell, with our 90 Day Warranty on used batteries. If the used battery you purchased from us fails within the first 90 days, we will replace it, refund your money, or apply the cost of the used battery to a battery upgrade.

Our team is here to help you find the right battery for your application. If you prefer a used battery, we will qualify a battery that will meet or exceed your automobiles need. More information on automobile batteries.


  • An assortment of brands

In Stock

  • 250 on average


  • 90 days


Q: How often do you place used batteries in your showroom?

A: We process used batteries, and update the display every day.