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Commercial Batteries MooresvilleCommercial vehicles need larger, stronger, batteries that run efficiently. Always choose the right battery, research and buy a commercial battery that has an exceptional uptime, longer life cycle, and definitely lower cost of ownership. We stock heavy-duty batteries in top name brands, ready for a variety of applications.

Our top-tier sealed batteries and mid-level flooded batteries are in our showroom. We stock batteries that with a thick plate construction. Robust plates are resistant to the stress encountered during deep discharge cycling. During repeated discharge and recharge, active materials expand and contract causing erosion of the active material. The plate structure prevents erosion of the active material resulting in longer cycle life. Heavy-duty batteries perform in extreme climates. From the frigid Alaska terrain to the ultra-high temperatures of the Southwest, H-D batteries are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 160°F. Commercial Batteries Mooresville

We sell commercial batteries packaged in a rugged polypropylene case. Our cases are rigid enough to protect the internal components from damage caused by shock and vibration. They are resistant to oil, gasoline and other road chemicals, and can withstand the rigorous abuse over-the road truck applications can cause.

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Q: Will you bring a battery to our work site and install it? A: No, effective 4-1-22, we no longer install batteries.