Wheelchair Batteries

Our vast stock of power wheelchair batteries confirms we can satisfy your replacement battery need. Our team of battery experts can assist you in finding the right battery, to fit your chair and your budget, call now!

How the Battery Works

Wheelchair Batteries Statesville3 battery components, power your wheelchair:

  • Ampere-hours (Ah) measures how long the battery can operate. The average chair operates at 10 amps, the average battery has 30 to 90 Ah, so the chair can operate between 3 to 9 hours.
  • Amperes (A) measures the rate of the batteries current, higher amps means better performance when more power is needed, up hills, uneven terrain, etc.
  • Cell type refers to the battery makeup. Wet and Gel are the typical wheelchair battery types, both are efficient.
    • Wet-cell batteries often have a bigger capacity, can supply more electrical power, and generally are less expensive, but require some maintenance. Disabled individuals may have an issue adding water to a wet cell battery, this can be dangerous since they will be exposed to acid every time the cell is opened.
    • Gel is a sealed battery, maintenance free and there is no chance of chemicals spilling. Gel-cell batteries cost more and have less capacity.


Every power wheelchair has a battery charger; we will help confirm the battery you purchase is compatible with your charger. Wheelchair batteries are “deep cycle” batteries, and can be recharged up to 300 times prior to a noticeable loss of power.


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Q: Are wheelchair and scooter batteries the same? A: Not always, some batteries will power both.