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When your car battery gets weak and you’re afraid of being stranded, come by our showroom and we’ll install a new one in 30 minutes or less. And give you peace of mind that your battery is ready for years.

There is one thing all vehicles have in common, a battery. SUV’s, Motorcycles, Trucks, and Economy Cars all need a power source.

Automobile Batteries Concord

We Carry 1000’s of Car Batteries! Our vast car battery lines include most major brands and some more economical brands. If you are on a tight budget, we can get you a better car battery for your money. Don’t settle for lesser quality automobile batteries just because money is tight! Get a good quality automotive battery from us at a very reasonable price. We get you back on the road again.

Free car battery testing and recycling.

Check out our inventory of ATV, Marine and SLA Batteries. If you need a new battery, we have it in stock or we’ll get it in 3 to 5 business days.

Our extensive line of batteries is sure to satisfy any battery need. We also sell battery chargers, cables and numerous battery accessories. Call or come by our showroom for your next battery.

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